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We have some of the best workers compensation rates, including our own risk management.

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• Medical
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More Time for You, More Time for Your Business...

At Advantage First, our passion is to provide superior service to our clients ó service thatís second to none. We believe in going that extra mile ó an approach that has helped us to save many employees and employers millions of dollars. In fact, some of those satisfied employees have commented that they feel sorry for employees who donít have Advantage First on their side.

Everyone talks about service, but do they put it into action when you call or seek their assistance? Do you end up spending hours of your valuable time trying to get the answers you need? That may be the case if you have invested in a relationship with an insurance agency that randomly assigned you to an account representative who is allusive and unavailable. At Advantage First, thatís never the case. We offer one-on-one, personalized service, and hold ourselves accountable to the highest levels of excellence.

The team at Advantage First consists of professionals with a wide range of backgrounds, having worked in Human Resources and other specialty areas at major corporations such as Toshiba. What does that mean for you? You get the expertise needed to get the job done in the best possible way. Many of our team members also have backgrounds in business ownership, so they understand the pain of writing large checks for workersí comp, employee benefits and other kinds of insurance coverages. They understand the need to balance business objectives with the ever-changing world of insurance.

We also have experts in underwriting on-hand, so we know how to negotiate insurance deals in a way thatís second to none. However, a deal is not a deal if the coverages are not backed by an agency that can support you and your employees. At Advantage First, we offer self- insured plans for all types of coverages, plus the resources you need for claims management, cost containment, and top-notch re-insurance programs. Many of our proprietary programs offer coverages and benefits you canít find anywhere else. These programs give our commercial clients a competitive edge in their industry.

Yesterdayís approach to insurance is no longer the answer for todayís insurance needs. With the onslaught of regulatory requirements and constant changes in the business environment, you need a team that is on the cutting edge of insurance industry trends ó one that keeps you informed of critical changes and the unique approaches that will keep you competitive and secure, one that partners with you, offering innovative programs, claims management, competitive pricing, and the service you need each and every day.

At Advantage First, we are committed to making you and your insurance needs our top priority, and providing the services you need to support you and your team ó making more time for you, more time for your business.


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